It’s hard to focus on preventive care when you’re busy, even when the benefits to your practice are clear. Let us help.

IDEXX has everything you need to easily include diagnostics as part of your wellness contributions:

At the heart of preventive care is a focus on helping animals live a healthy life for as long as possible. Essential to this is the relationship between patient, client, and care team. IDEXX Preventive Care helps you manage the life-long health of your patients and in building even stronger client relationships.

Research shows that pet owners are expecting more in terms of wellness services from their veterinarian and increasingly presenting their pets for proactive health checks.1

This research is evidencing how the combination of a complete physical exam, a thorough history and the inclusion of diagnostic testing as part of a regular health check is identifying changes earlier.2 This enables an improved standard of care, enhanced patient outcomes and increased client satisfaction.

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2. American Animal Hospital Association Promoting Preventive Care Protocols: Evidence, Enactment, and Economics 2018.