Implementing protocols

Implementing Protocols

According to the AAHA publication, effective protocol implementation steps for a successful preventive care strategy include:

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Engage your clients

To alleviate the stress associated with creating resources to support your new preventive care initiative, we have created downloadable and shareable resources below. Click the bold text to access the assets.


Enlist your clients into achieving outcomes

  • Develop programs to suit your customers and their pets
  • Promote the programs through your communication channels
  • Enlist your customers so they understand each critical stage including the importance of routine testing as part of preventive care
  • Utilise your practice software to monitor the uptake of each program to identify areas of success
  • Evolve the programs to suit your customers needs

Entrench good pet owner behaviour


  • Present preventive care success stories and where improvement is required
  • Reflection of the journey so far to help the team realise the positive difference they have made
  • Encourage peer-to-peer discussion between vets and nurses to stimulate and inspire action


  • Engagement: Number of customers taking up each program or is engaged in communication
  • Brand: Client satisfaction such as customer feedback forms, google and social media reviews
  • Sales: Monitor the impact of each program or initative on business growth and profitability


  • Actively collect customer feedback to develop programs that resonate with their pets’ needs
  • Strengthen relationships through granular initiatives, such as follow-up calls after a visit
  • Develop custom initiatives, such as an email welcoming all pets over 7 years to senior life